Monday, September 2, 2013

A Woolly Winter?

Do you have woolly worms where you live?  What's a woolly worm you ask??  Some people call them woolly bear caterpillars, but around our house it's a woolly worm.  This creature doesn't actually look like a worm, but I didn't name it.  We can usually find one every so often around here.  Woolly worms are very important to Mommy.  She has learned how to predict the winter weather based upon the worm.  This is a time honored tradition passed down from her father and grandfather.  Where Mommy's from, there is even a festival to honor these little fellas!

The woolly worm has thirteen rings which correspond to the thirteen weeks of winter from beginning to end.  If a ring is black, then that week of winter will be snowy and cold.  If a ring is brown, then that particular week will be milder. 

Mommy is seriously hoping for a snowy winter this year!  You may remember that she had NO snow days last year (that late addition of an early dismissal hardly counts) and was very upset by the lack of snow in our area.  This year is already looking up thanks to what we think is the world's smallest woolly worm!  We found this worm recently and Mommy was super excited.  It was barely as big as the tip of her finger.  Check it out:

According to the worm, it will be a very hard winter with LOTS of SNOW!!!! 
Yippee!!!  Woof!  Woof! 
Here's to a snowy winter!  (Cross your paws!)
PS: Coincidence that Mommy finds a woolly worm predicting LOTS of snow the first week she goes back to school?  I think not!

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