Monday, September 9, 2013

Rule Breaker??

Are you a rule breaker or a rule follower?  I am a rule follower.  I always listen to what I'm told and follow orders given to me.  Most of the time.  When I'm not being stubborn.   Mommy is a rule follower too.  At work, she gets to be the rule enforcer!  Don't you think that would be a great job?

One of the rules Mommy tries her best to follow and refuses to break is NO white after Labor Day.  A white tee shirt or sneakers with a lot of white don't count, but the rest (shorts, pants, skirts, dresses) do!  Mommy has read that it is okay to break this particular fashion rule, but she's been raised right and just can't find it in herself to break it.  Some people even believe the rule doesn't exist any longer, but Mommy would disagree. 

When Mommy was in college, her sorority had to wear white dresses for their special ceremonies.  They wore white shoes with their white dresses year round and it bothered Mommy a tiny bit.  One sorority on campus wore black shoes with their white dresses after Labor Day and before Easter.  Mommy thought this was a little odd looking, but understood the importance of following the fashion rule.  She was jealous, but torn at the same time.   Fashion looks or fashion rules?  It was a tough call.

Since Mommy's school started before Labor Day, she chose her outfits for that first week based upon those that required white shoes.  This past week presented a fashion dilemma for her.  She had a new skirt she wanted to wear, but it had a white base and was after Labor Day.  The white really only showed around the waist band and the hem, but Mommy wasn't sure if it was okay to wear.

She went with it anyway!  Mommy's teaching partner assured her it was fine.  Of course, she probably thought Mommy was NUTS for worrying about it.  Mommy is NUTS, but not because she worries about breaking a fashion rule; she's just NUTS in general!  Was Mommy a rule breaker or was her skirt post-holiday approved?

Rule Follower,

PS: Happy Birthday, Great Aunt Frances!!  WOW!! You are 560 years old in dawg years!!!!  That's twice as old as Mommy [gulp]! 

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