Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ode to the Chuckit!

Oh dear sweet Chuckit!
Our favorite toy,
No other above you
We could ever enjoy.
You started out red
When Hunter was young.
He ran through corn fields
When the ball was far flung.
Mommy broke you on ice;
Your red was no more.
Next up was purple,
We would truly adore.
For many long years
We chased your throws.
Many neighbors and friends
Have enjoyed the show.
You latched onto tennis balls
And threw far and wide,
Dixie couldn’t be happier
Unless we used you inside.
No matter the season
You’ve always been there
Spring, summer, autumn,
Snowball fight – Beware!

Your purple color faded,
Jenna’s jaws clamped on tight,
We stretched you out daily
You lost the good fight.
Then a new day dawned
In the form of lime green
The three of us like you,
And so continues the dream!
Already heads above the rest
A new-fangled design;
Favorite toy of ours,
Chuckit, you are so divine!

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