Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's Your Favorite?

Everyone has their favorite spot right?  Don't you have a special place you like to relax when you're at home?  We are enjoying lots of relaxation since Mommy is on spring break right now.  Our grandparents have favorite spots at their houses.  We know Grandaddy likes to sit on the left side of the leather sofa with his feet propped up on the coffee table.  Mimi likes the right end of that same sofa with her feet on the floor or curled up under her.  Poppa's favorite spot is in his recliner, and Grandma likes her rocking chair.  Mommy always sits on the left end of the loveseat or the right end of the leather sofa.  Daddy sits on the left end of the sofa . . . always!  He even tries to run Mommy off if she settles in his place when he isn't looking!

We have our favorite spots too!  The unfortunate thing is that each of us likes the SAME SPOT!  We LOVE the loveseat.  We each try to make ourselves at home there.  Sometimes we all try to fit up there at the same time.  Other times we only fit two of us. If Mommy is in her spot, we can usually only squeeze one of us up there (comfortably anyway), although we sometimes attempt more!

Hunter takes advantage of not having the girls around!
Jenna and Dixie don't always see eye to eye about their places on the loveseat.
But sometimes they do!  Can you tell which is which?
Sometimes the girls see tail to tail!

We've heard some rumblings that a new sofa or at the very least a re-covering of this one might be in the near future.  That is not good news for us.  That might mean we would be banished from the furniture!  The horror!  We're keeping our paws crossed that Mommy won't find anything she likes anytime soon!

What's your favorite spot?  We hope you have a good one (and you don't have to fight anyone else for it).

Sweet Dreams,
Hunter, Dixie & Jenna

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