Monday, April 15, 2013

All My Children . . .

 Mommy's Motto
Isn't this a great thought?  One of Mommy's students gave her this cup at the beginning of the year.  What a thoughtful student!  Mommy used the cup daily for drinking water because she was having trouble with her voice.  Daddy said she talked too much, but the doctor said she had nodules on her vocal cords.  Now she walks around in class daily with a microphone attached to her head (kind of like a rock star, but different). 
This cool cup helped Mommy daily until it cracked!  You have to know her nightly ritual to understand how this happened.  She fills two cups each night with ice water.  They go in the freezer until morning, and then they go in her tote and head to school.  As the day goes on, they defrost and she has perfect water throughout the day.  
We all know water expands as it freezes, and this basic science principle finally took a toll on the cup!  The cup cracked and water seeped between the layers.  Mommy tried everything she could think of to remove the water, but nothing worked.  Not even heating it up in the microwave!  In fact, that is when the cup died.  The plastic decorative lining shriveled up and the cup was no more. 
Mommy is sad she can no longer use the cup.  It truly was a great sentiment for her.  She recently asked her tax lady if she could claim the three of us as dependents.  Despite Mommy assuring her we would never be a drain on society (although perhaps a drain on her), the answer was no.  Hmpf!  Someone seriously needs to look into the tax laws over this atrocity.
Paws for Tax Day! (Yuck!)

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