Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hunter's Memories: The Convenience Store

My birthday is just over a month away, so I thought I should tell you about another of my greatest hits:  the day I went to the convenience store.  I wonder why many of my most interesting moments happen in public places . . .

It all started because Daddy had to run to the convenience store just a couple miles from the house.  We were living in Minnesota at the time.  I've told you we lived in a tiny town and knew many people; that meant many people knew us too!  Being the kind person he is, Daddy decided I could go along for the ride.  After all, it was going to be a quick trip.  (As I reflect, I am starting to see more similarities between this trip and the one to the grocery store.)  I loved taking r-i-d-e-s when I was a puppy.  The word had to be spelled out so I didn't become overexcited at the prospect of going somewhere. 

Mommy says Daddy and I had been gone longer than she thought we should have when she received a phone call.  It was Daddy calling from the convenience store.  When he went into the store, he left me in the truck (naturally).  When he came out of the store, he found the truck doors locked!  Whenever I am by myself in a car, I like to walk around and watch outside events carefully through the windows.  When Daddy left me alone, I placed my paws up on the door's arm rest and hit the door locks!   When Daddy left me alone, he left the truck running! 

Daddy didn't have his cell phone with him that night, so he was forced to go back in the store and call Mommy using the store phone.  One of Mommy's co-workers, Heidi, worked a couple nights a week at the store, and as luck would have it she was working that night.  She was kind enough to let Daddy use the phone to call home, and she was even kinder not to tell the whole world about my antics!  Mommy brought another set of truck keys to the rescue, but she wasn't as kind as Heidi.  Daddy didn't hear the end of it for a while!

Wags and Memories,

PS:  Happy birthday, Aunt Carol!

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