Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Finally!  After months of cold weather and meteorologists threatening snow (and not receiving anything to brag about), we finally have warm weather!  We even had a record high of 89 degrees one day last week!  We seem to have skipped the 50s and moved straight into the 70s and up!  Mommy hasn't started counting the days until school is out, but I have a pretty good idea.  I think there are just under FORTY!!!  That's not that many.  Noah puttered around in the ark, Moses hung out on the mount, and Jesus fasted (that's a seriously LONG time to go without food or treats!) for forty days.  If they can do it, Mommy can surely survive that long at school.  At Easter, we only had a few daffodils blooming.  But with our warm weather came a few blooms on the trees (and allergy season).

Our weeping cherry is beautiful right now, and the forsythia is starting to take off. 
The brown mess on the fence is our Sweet Autumn Clematis that will be stunning in a few months.

Our peach tree is starting to bloom.  Time will tell if we can actually eat any peaches this year!

The cherry trees are budding out . . .

Here is our view now.  Still no green trees, but it's a start! 
The azaleas along the fence are not even budding. 

It rained all day last Friday which helped our grass finally begin to turn green.  Mommy even had a recent visit from our teenage neighbor.  He is set to mow the grass again this year.  Can you hear her yelping with glee since she will be saved from nagging Daddy about that nasty task?  (Can you hear Daddy yelping with glee since he will be saved from Mommy's nagging???) 

We are officially on our way to summer!  Can't wait!

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