Monday, April 8, 2013


I thought I would give you an update on the wall repair.  Jenna has been sprung from the slammer just in time to discover something new.  Did you know it snows indoors?  No?  Well, it does at our house.  Here's proof:

Hunter tells me the white stuff is not snow.  This is simply the next step in the wall repair.  Once the spackle dries, it has to be sanded.  Jenna stood beneath the ladder and waited eagerly for the dusty remnants to fall into her open mouth.  Not only did she have a mouth full of dust, but she looked like a new dawg!  I did my best to help clean her up, but I wasn't totally successful. 

Despite my lack of cleaning abilities, I think I should be nominated for Sister of the Year, don't you?  How many sisters do you know would be willing to lick the face of the one who tortures them?  Not  many I bet!  Mommy finally had to help Jenna by wiping a wet towel over her face.  Somehow I have the feeling Jenna won't be crate-free during the final step: painting!

Licks and Kisses,

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