Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do Whatcha Gotta Do!

When we are outside playing, I play HARD!  I love to fetch tennis balls.  I even started carrying two in my mouth this past week.  Dixie makes it look easy, but it was tough.  Mommy usually keeps a couple water bowls for us outside, but they have been frozen up until the last week.  When I play hard, I drink hard.  I recently had to resort to extreme measures. 

As you know, Daddy recently cleaned out the garage so Mommy could park inside.  A few items in the garage had to find a new home.  One of those items was the little John Deere trailer Daddy hooks up to the mower sometimes for yard work.  Daddy moved it into the yard near the back door.  During the winter, it filled up with water and snow, and all of this became ICE!  I like snow and ice almost as much as my brother Hunter.

I couldn't help myself one day and Mommy caught me in the act!

What Mommy wasn't able to catch on camera since she was screaming at me was my recent "bath" in the trailer!   We had been playing fetch pretty hard and I needed a break.  It as such a pleasant surprise when I arrived at the trailer to discover all of that ice had finally melted.  It was nice and muddy too!  The temperature was consistently above freezing this past week.  Mommy might not have been so freaked out if she hadn't been about to load us up to head to the vet.  She was not a happy Mommy.  She had to dry me off and pray I didn't stink.  I think I cleaned up well.

Mommy is waiting for the right time to dump the water.  She knows if she dumps it now, it will just make a big mud puddle for us all to play in.  Hopefully warmer weather is around the corner soon!

Wags and Puddles,

PS: Daddy recently received his most recent Wildfowl magazine.  He wishes to send a shout out to RNT-V's recent loss.  Tank (Delta's Shock and Awe MH QAA) was a black lab who passed away from GVD - Gastric Dilatation Volvulus - twisted stomach.  If you have dawgs, it's really important you read up on this condition and know its warning signs. 

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