Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's Adventures

The day started off as usual: wake up, potty, eat, potty again, watch Mommy finish preparing for her day, play outside in the snow (YES, SNOW!!!), potty one more time, go to my crate and say goodbye.  When Mommy followed me to my crate, she tossed a treat inside; it went right through the "walls" of the crate and landed between the crate and the sofa.  Since her hands were full of other treats, she decided to go ahead and close my door (but not lock it yet) and put Dixie in her crate.  Mommy then came back to crawl around on the floor and fetch the treat.  Instead of opening the door, she just dropped it down through the top of the crate to me.  Yum!

I began to gnaw on my frozen peanut butter filled bone and the rest of the world faded into the background.  Yum!  I vaguely remember Mommy taking Hunter upstairs for his treats.  She then headed out the back door calling goodbye to me and Dixie.  After I finished my treat, I laid down in my crate.  Oops!  My feet tapped the crate door and it opened!!  I nudged it a bit more and I was FREE!  I promptly ran upstairs to see Daddy, wagging my tail in Dixie's face as I went.

To hear Daddy tell it, I almost gave him a heart attack.  I followed my ears to his location and found him in the shower.  While Daddy was lathering up, I pushed the bathroom door open.  Boy, was he surprised!  He called Mommy as soon as he got out of the shower to see if she could remember what she may have forgotten . . . ME and my crate!!

The other adventure taking place today was the long awaited arrival of a semi-SNOW DAY!!!!  Mommy had to drive to school in very thick, swirling snow using her four wheel drive feature for the first time.  She was a bit surprised she was even going to work, but the timing of the storm made for a difficult decision for superintendents (apparently).  Finally, after almost two years of waiting, Mommy had an early dismissal at 11:30!  She came home and we played and played!  Who-hoo!!!  Yippee!!!  Hot Dawg!!! 

Released into the snow!


Time to come in!

I hope you had an adventurous day as well!  I'm sure all the snow will be gone by the end of tomorrow, but it was worth it!

Wags and Snowflakes,

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