Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Perks of Being Me (or Sock it to 'Em!)

As the oldest dawg in this house, I sometimes receive special privileges.  I might receive a few extra treats or get to go for a walk first.  But Daddy surprised me recently.  He must have had a weak moment because the leather sofa has been off limits from the moment it was delivered four years ago.  After a long lazy Saturday, he patted the spot beside him and gave me permission to hop up and join him!!!  Jenna and Dixie were sooooo jealous!  Of course, with great power came great responsibility as you will see . . .


Daddy sometimes takes his shoes and socks off while watching TV.  He doesn't always do a good job of picking them up, so they sit there on the floor.  Mommy is usually able to hold off her OCD for a few days, and she ignores them to the best of her ability.  (I think it helps that she can't see them from her spot on the love seat.)  Once I was settled on the sofa, Daddy proceeded to put these socks on my feet to protect the leather.  I don't even like to wear booties on the ice to protect the pads of my feet, so I wasn't totally happy about this idea.  I decided to suffer for the sake of Daddy's kindness and so I could stick my tongue out at the girls.  I pushed through my discomfort and enjoyed my new (but surely temporary??) spot.

Thank you, Daddy!

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