Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spa Day?

Today was the day.  We have only a few days before Grandma and Poppa come for Easter, so we had to have a bath.  We were starting to STINK!  Although spring hasn't arrived at our house yet, it has been warm enough for us to work up a sweat outside while playing.  (Don't worry, Mimi and Grandaddy.  We do the same preparation before your arrival too!)

Mommy really does not like bath days.  She dreads them with a passion because it means doggie hair EVERYWHERE.  She took us upstairs and into the master bathroom shower, thinking she would have to face the task alone.  She washed and semi-dried Dixie, and let her out into the bedroom.  I went second and was being lathered up when Daddy arrived on the scene.  He had heard quite a commotion from downstairs and came to see what was going on.  Apparently Dixie had been running around the bedroom air drying and making a racket!  Daddy graciously volunteered to dry off each of us.  (I think this was an effort to spare the bedroom and the rest of the house from potential air drying destruction.)  No matter what the reason, Mommy was VERY thankful!

When Mommy stopped to get gas recently, she saw something quite interesting.  I wonder who actually uses this . . .
There is a car wash right behind this unusual contraption. Are you supposed to bring your truck and pooch at the same time? Would I have to tuck my ears in like Daddy folds his mirrors in? Mommy has a button she can push to fold her mirrors in; do I have one of those hidden somewhere on me? This building has a place to wash and dry pets. Do you think it includes a wax job? Should I be concerned about that possibility? Is there a special feature to clean my undercarriage? Mine does tend to get pretty dirty some days.  I've heard Mommy talk about having a mud bath at a spa.  If this place has one of those, then you can count me in!   Do they give away tennis balls like the dentist gives out toothbrushes, or the bank gives out dawg bones?
Have you ever been to the All Paws Pet Wash?  I know some people take their doggies to a groomer, but generally labs don't need that kind of spa treatment.  Labs aren't poodles!  We don't need pampering.  We are working dawgs.  What are they going to do?  Paint my nails?  Surely not!  Put a bow in my hair?  I don't have enough hair for a bow.  I guess you could put it on my tail?  NOT!  That must be why dumb dawgs chase their tails:  to remove the dumb bow their dumb owner allowed the dumb groomer to put there!  Thank goodness we have a shower with a door, or Mommy might consider taking us to the All Paws Pet Wash!
Wags and Suds,
PS:  Barkley, please don't take offense to the poodle comment! 

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