Monday, July 24, 2017

More Yummy Treats

As promised, Mommy gave us another fun summer treat . . . ICEES!!!  She says these are the cheapest treats known to man (and full of sugar).  She chose our first three flavors.  She's not sure how many flavors are in the freezer bag, but there are a LOT of colors!  She wasn't even sure of which flavors she had actually chosen for us, but just to be safe, she sampled each one for her nutritious breakfast to make sure they passed quality control!

We started with the yellow one and Mommy was pleasantly surprised to discover it was pineapple flavored!  It was her favorite of the three.  I bet next time, she'll search out one of those and keep it all to herself!  

The blue flavor is still unidentified, but was yummy!  Maybe blueberry??  Who really knows?

As predicted, the red was cherry.  This was Mommy's least favorite and so we each received several bites since we didn't have to share with her!

Mommy had to hold me back so Ruger could enjoy his icee.  She says each of our names first so we'll know whose turn it is.  Personally I think if you can't keep me back, then it's fair game.  Food and tennis balls is about all Dixie will fight me for.  I know when Mommy says, "Dixie" that I need to hold myself back.  I don't have such self control where Ruger is concerned.  Mommy says Ruger will get even with me one day, but I don't see how that's possible.  Have you seen how tiny he is??

We all enjoyed our summer treats.  The thermometer is stuck in the mid to upper 90s here, so we deserved it!


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