Thursday, July 20, 2017

Muddy Buddy

I told you recently that it had been very dry this summer where we live and then WHAM!  LOTS of rain in a short amount of time making puddles in the yard.  As you check out my muddy fun, you'll notice something else . . . WHAM!  I'm GROWING!

This is me on my second day at home.  The mud was just mud at this point and not an actual puddle.

These next pictures were taken a month and five pounds later!  Now we're talking PUDDLE!   I like to dig, dig, dig!  I pull the grass out and sling it around.  I slap my paws in the water and enjoy the splash.  Mommy says I'm ALL BOY, whatever that means!

That pot you see in the edge of the pictures is now sitting in that muddy hole in the hopes of deterring me from digging in the mud . . . it may or may not be working . . .

The downside of all my muddy fun is that I sometimes end up with a quick rinse in the kitchen sink!

It's worth it!

Mommy's Muddy Buddy,

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