Monday, April 3, 2017

Off to the Barkery

Because we were such good girls on our visit to the vet, Mommy decided to treat us to a trip to the Barkery.  The Barkery is only three doors down from the vet . . . isn't that a smart idea???  We had never been to the Barkery before although Mommy has stopped in a few times for treats.  And what a TREAT it was!!!!

As soon as we entered the store the smells were so delicious, my mouth started watering.  It was a great improvement over the smells we had just been experiencing at the vet.  It truly was a heaven on earth.

There were soooooooo many options.  It's a good thing they keep all of those yummy options out of reach.  It's also a good thing they keep all of those yummy options at eye and nose level!

Mommy seemed to be having a hard time deciding what to purchase, but I knew exactly what I wanted:

We finally decided on a couple cannolis and Labrador Loaf (a thick cookie made with blueberry puree and other goodness)!  How could we pass on a treat named after us?

Dixie offered to pay with wags and kisses, but apparently they don't accept that form of payment everywhere (kind of like American Express).

I asked if they were accepting applications for employment, but they said no.  Drat!  I would have really enjoyed that employee discount.

Looking forward to our next trip to the vet!

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