Thursday, March 30, 2017

Off to the Vet

Mommy recently took both of us for a ride!  Don't be too happy for us.  We were only going to the vet . . . for a vaccine!  No matter, we were still happy to be out and about in the car with Mommy.

Whenever we get into the car, Mommy always opens the second row door so we can both hop in together.   She's wasting her efforts because we NEVER stay there!  One of us moves into the driver's seat and the other into the front passenger seat!  Mommy then has to coerce us to move over so she can drive.  For some reason none of the states we've lived in sees us as good candidates for a driver's license.  Strange, don't you think?

On our most recent trip I settled into the foot well of the front seat!  I was so sure I smelled something good down there.  I should have known it was just wishful thinking.  Mommy rarely eats in her car and goodness knows she's such a neat freak in her car that IF she did eat and IF she did drop something, it's not like it would still be there! But a girl can hope!

I thought I smelled something good on the seat cover too, but nope, nada.  (The seat covers are not there for our comfort, but to protect the leather seats from being scratched by our nails!)

Finally, I was ready to go.  I gave my permission for our chauffeur (Mommy, aka James) to drive us.

Thankfully, we were only at the vet's office for about fifteen minutes.  In and out.  We were good girls.  Well, Dixie was good; I was GREAT!  Naturally!


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