Friday, April 7, 2017

The Unfortunate Incident (Part 1)

We've been keeping something a secret from you.  Only our closest friends and family already know about The Unfortunate Incident as Mommy tends to call it.  I was a VERY BAD GIRL (or so I've been told)!  It's been six months since The Unfortunate Incident, so I feel safe in telling you all about it now.  Hopefully you won't hold this against me and we can still be friends.  Mommy still loves me, and if she can then anyone can!

I BIT MOMMY!  Not only did I bite Mommy, but I BROKE her finger!  Did I just hear a deep inhale of shock from you?  I truly didn't mean to do it.  It was an ACCIDENT!!!!  Honestly, it was!

Way back at the beginning of October, Mommy was walking me and Dixie on our usual morning route.  For some reason we tend to come across the strangest things on our walks.  Some of these items would be better placed in a trash can than along the streets of our city, but I can't control the actions of others.  Most of these weird items are fun to find, such as a bag from McDonald's that might still have french fries in it.  Or remnants of a biscuit.  Or just a dirty paper towel.  It really doesn't take much to please us with these little morsels of yumminess. We've even seen dirty diapers!  Ewww!  Sometimes Mommy is successful in making us leave the items behind and sometimes not.  Which brings me to The Unfortunate Incident . . .

There on the street curb in all its glory was a chicken bone!  Cue the spotlight from the heavens and the choir!  (Mommy wants to know who in their right mind throws their chicken bones out on the street?!?!?)  As soon as I spied that bone, I had to have it.  I could hear the angels singing . . . or was that Mommy screaming?

Mommy saw what I had grabbed and came right up behind me to try to take it away.  As she knows, chicken bones are NOT good for dawgs!  They can splinter and cause all kinds of problems to my insides.  Instead of coming around and facing me to pry the jaws of life open, she just reached around my head to pry my mouth open from behind.  Fearing my treat was about to disappear, I was chewing as hard and fast as I could.  I never even knew her fingers were in my mouth!  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  It looked just like this picture Mommy found on Instagram:

Mommy immediately started walking us back home holding both leashes in one hand while she held her other hand up in the air to try to stop the bleeding.  She says she was in pain, but not too bad.  We went home where she cleaned the wound, took a bath, gave us a bath, and didn't think much of it until the bandaids kept filling up and needed frequent changing.  About four hours later, she noticed swelling in that finger.  Fearing it was infected, she made the decision to go to the doctor.  Thank goodness she did.  Her finger was broken!  (On the positive side, her nails were looking GREAT at the time!)

The bite doesn't look THAT bad does it????  Sure there's a bit of swelling, but . . . 

We have these pictures because Mommy sent a few updates to our grandparents during this most unfortunate time.  There's more to the story, but I think I've revealed enough for today.

Until next time, please remember to place your chicken bones (as well as dirty diapers and fast food bags) in the trash!


PS: Happy Birthday Mimi!

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