Monday, April 24, 2017

On the [Egg] Hunt

Mommy was inspired by one of our Instagram friends, Pups On Par, to have an Easter egg hunt!  Yes, she's officially lost her mind!  However, I certainly won't be the one checking her into the looney bin since I totally benefited from this Crazy Dawg Mom move!

Mommy broke milk bones in half and stuffed them into a few plastic eggs to hide in the backyard.  Daddy said this was a really bad idea.  He just knew we were going to chomp down on the plastic and eat it too!  Mommy said HER dawg had a soft mouth and would be fine (Dixie); he only had to worry about HIS dawg (me)!  Gee, thanks, Mommy!

It turned out, they didn't have to worry about a thing!  I rushed right out and found every egg!  I also was able to pop open each egg with a little pressure from my mouth.  Mommy didn't even realize I had cracked one of the eggs until she was washing the slobber off later.  NO pieces fell off and NO pieces were swallowed!  Milk bones were enjoyed by all!  Okay, so that last statement isn't true.  Dixie was oblivious to the game.  She just walked around and watched me.  I enjoyed ALL the treats!

Mommy cleverly hid one under the outdoor dawg bed.  The blue egg blended right in with the blue cover (not that I can see colors anyway).

A good hunt was had by all . . . well, by me anyway and that's all that matters, right??

PS: Apparently Mommy couldn't resist the lure of the bunny ears after all . . .

That's me, Master of the Egg Hunt

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