Thursday, April 20, 2017

Images of Easter

As long as I've been around, Mommy has tortured us taken Easter pictures of us with bunny ears on.  This year she took a different route.  I think it's because our grass was still TOTALLY brown and dormant when she was ready to take our traditional picture for the Easter card we send our family.  Hence the reason for our gorgeous double sided pink and green satin bows:

Although Mommy did use these pictures on our Easter cards this year, she was feeling more spring-like during Easter weekend.  She forced asked Daddy to come outside and help her take pictures in the front yard.  She even set the timer on her phone to ten minutes promising we'd be finished in that amount of time . . . we finished in five! 

Despite how quickly we accomplished this photo shoot (probably our fastest ever), we still had a few distractions.  One of the reasons Mommy wanted Daddy to help is because she wanted to take the pictures out front where the grass is a bit greener and the flowers are in bloom.   We NEVER go to the front yard unless we're getting ready to go for a ride.  There were lots of things to see and do out there!

We're sharing several of these pictures because we want you to know just how hard it to be the SUPERMODELS we are!  This really is a ruff life!

When you try to take group shots, there's always someone not looking . . .

Or someone closes her eyes . . .  

Or closes her eyes AND lifts her ears . . .

Or your sister becomes preoccupied with the photographer . . . 

 But eventually Mommy's patience pays off and she's rewarded with some reasonably good pictures:

Mommy says I'm smirking in this one . . . 

And attempting a smile in this one. Stone Cold Jenna is so serious!

But this is my personal favorite.  It sums up our attitudes about this photo session!

We hope you had a great Easter!  Enjoy the spring weather!

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