Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The New Camo

What do you know about camouflage?  Besides the fact that as a verb it means to blend in. I'm talking about camo the noun.  Camouflage has changed quite a bit over the years as technology has grown to enable the designers to better know what animals and birds can and cannot see.

We have a jacket in the closet that used to belong to Grandaddy.  Mommy has been known to wear it a few times in a pinch when she's afraid she'll get dirty doing something wild and crazy with Daddy.  Its camo pattern was originally known as what else, but Duck Hunter.  It's a bit outdated now . . .

Daddy has several types of camo in his hunting closet.  He has this pattern known as Advantage Classic Camo which is made by Realtree.  You can see how well it works.

He also has this pattern know as Advantage Max 4.  He has a LOT of this and it seems to work well for him in most waterfowl situations.

I learned while researching the history of camouflage that the Realtree company now has Advantage Max 5.  Mommy is hoping and praying Daddy doesn't know anything about this new camo pattern.   It can't be that much better, can it???  It's apparently been around for a couple years already.  Perhaps we finally own enough camo to last the rest of Daddy's life??  Ssssshhhhhh . . . don't tell him!

Daddy even has this weird camo called a ghillie suit.  Mommy calls it Swamp Thing!  It's guaranteed to scare the fool out of anyone unsuspecting (especially on Halloween while hiding in the shrubs!)  Daddy's is a slightly darker color.

Why have I been going on and on about camouflage patterns?  First, it's hunting season, so the camo has been brought out of the closet quite a bit lately.  Also, I'm here to show you the newest and best camo pattern known to man or canine.  It's unlike anything you've ever seen and we don't have to go far to find it at our house.  

That's right, BLACK is the new camo!  It has absolutely amazing hiding properties.  My sister and I specialize in this beautiful pattern and have been successful in hiding out from unwanted tasks like bath time!

Feel free to contact us if you should find yourself in need of the new black camo pattern.


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