Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yard Help

I really miss our yard from the previous house.  It was beautiful.  I can't say the same for our yard here.  Mommy does a little bit of work in this yard, but she says we probably won't be here long enough to really worry about it that much.  You've already read that because our yard is so small, we like to go on nice, long walks with Mommy in the mornings.

One morning a couple months ago we had quite the excitement.  It just about scared us to death.  Our reaction to this sighting scared the fool out of Mommy too.  She generally tries to keep an eye out for anything that might come after us (like other dawgs) or that we might go after (like dead animals).  She wants to be prepared for our reactions in all situations, but this time she was not prepared!  She heard us freaking out and thought for sure something was about to grab us all.

Dixie was REALLY freaked out!  She barked and barked and raised her hackles from head to toe!

After my initial response, I went in for closer inspection.

I now know there's nothing to be afraid of.  This family of deer is not going to harm me, Dixie, Mommy, or anyone else.  We walk by quite often and totally ignore each other.  

The only thing that really concerns me now is the family that lives in this house.  I think they might need a little help (a psychiatrist perhaps).  I mean who in their right mind would drag these deer home and make them stand out in the front yard where everyone can see them???  I bet when everyone goes by pointing and laughing it makes them feel just awful.  It's so sad.  I think it's time to let the deer go on their merry way, don't you?

Hoping for the deerly departed,

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