Thursday, October 6, 2016

Twin Lake

We told you this summer about the playa lakes around our house.  The first time Mommy allowed us off the leash to play we just romped around in the water.  The next time we went, Mommy wised up and took toys with us!  (She told us it was for our enjoyment; the truth is the toys helped her round us up when she was ready to leave!)

I got to play with my flying squirrel and of course, Dixie had her trusty tennis ball.

We had so much fun, we've decided to give our playa lake a name: Playa del Gemela . . . Lake of the Twins.  If you are better at Spanish than we are, we welcome a correction to our translation.  We promise not to be offended!

A certain sister of mine wanted to play with BOTH toys!  She finally gave up and watched me retrieve from the shore.

 Don't feel too sorry for her.  She got to carry BOTH toys all the way home!

Here's to more fun days in the lake!  I'm sure it will still be warm enough here for a while!

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