Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Thrills and Chills

For All Hallows Eve, Mommy put the tutus back on us so we could welcome the trick-or-treaters in style . . .

She wanted us to wear the costumes one more time so that when (not if) we decided to tear them up again, she would feel like she had gotten her money's worth!  She knows us so well.  I was happy to run around in my tutu showing off my very stylish self.  Jenna wasn't happy until she had her tutu and was eating mine too!  Isn't there a famous saying about that?

Mommy wisely collected the tutus and put them in the trash never to be seen or eaten again!  We donned our glow in the dark Halloween bandannas instead and helped her answer the door and greet the kids.  I pointed out to Jenna that not one of those children was eating a costume!!!  

Jenna was too busy whining and crying about Daddy to listen to me.  She wanted to be outside with him.  When it was clear UGA was not going to win their football game, Daddy decided it was time to entertain himself in a different way.  He put on his camouflaged ghillie suit and hid in the shrubs waiting for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.  Daddy's trick worked quite well.  Mommy knew there was someone at the door when she heard blood curdling screams.

A good time was had by all!  Well, maybe not those kids who almost wet their pants at the sight of Daddy, but . . .

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  1. OMg what a hoot. Your dogs are just beautiful and of course totally "dogs". Ours would have eaten the tutu also. I have only had your blog pointed out to me by a friend of yours, Gwendolyn. So thrilled she did, its fabulous. So sorry to hear about your beautiful Hunter having gone to Rainbow bridge. They are our babies aren't they. Your darling husband was fabulous in his camo gear hiding in the bushes, I can just hear the screams of your trick or treaters all the way down here in New Zealand. Thanks for sharing. xxx Deb

    1. Good to hear from you, Deb! We're so glad you enjoyed our blog. Aunt Gwen (as we affectionately call her) told us you don't really celebrate Halloween way down south in New Zealand, so we thought you might like to see how we celebrate at our house! Please stop in again.

      Dixie and Jenna


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