Friday, October 14, 2016

Cold Water

You've heard one of our favorite jokes haven't you?  If you don't remember the Cold Water joke, you can read it here.  We refer to the punch line of this joke quite often in our family and even more in this house that is new to us.

One of the things Mommy misses the most about our last house is the dishwasher.  She had a very nice Bosch dishwasher that worked so well it could take the etching off glass!  Okay, so maybe sometimes it worked too well, but there was never any need to pre-rinse the dishes in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher.  The dishwasher was also so quiet it put a red laser beam on the floor when it was running so you'd know it was on.  It was fancy-schmancy.

We can't quite say the same about the dishwasher in this house.  It has to be the cheapest dishwasher known to man or canine!  Mommy feels like she practically washes each dish by hand and THEN lets the dishwasher do its thing. On a slightly bright note, this dishwasher isn't as loud as the one in the apartment where Daddy lived temporarily until we joined him. That dishwasher could have woken the dead with all of its noises.  The dishwasher in this house isn't as quiet as the Bosch, but it won't keep us awake at night and we can still watch TV while it's running.  I guess one out of two wishes for a decent dishwasher isn't bad, right?  Mommy would speak up here and remind me that score would be a 50% which is failing in the academic world!

We are frequently called Cold Water around here because we like to help Mommy clean the plates before they go into the dishwasher.  She says it saves her a step and we probably do a better job than she does!

When it's time to help Mommy, she chooses who will go first and says each name individually.  We know the drill.  This is one task we don't try to fight each other on.  Mommy is very fair when assigning the plate cleaning chore (unlike another human who lives in this house and shall remain unnamed).  As she calls each name, we step up and let our tongues do the work.  That's Jenna above and me below.

See?  It really is as clean as Cold Water can get it!

We hope this doesn't gross you out too much.  If you're planning a visit to see us, feel free to bring your own paper plates.  We promise not to be offended!

Dixie "Cold Water" Doodle

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