Saturday, October 1, 2016

Introducing . . .

We're super excited to tell you we have a new addition to our family!  No, we haven't added a person or a dawg, but Uncle J has!  Cousins C and A look like they're already in love with the little guy, don't you think?

Meet SCOUT!  Scout is the next great hunting dawg in the family (after my sister Jenna of course, and I know some of you are snickering at that!).  I think Scout's already scheduled for a four-month long session of intensive training in about six months.  That might change the rankings in the family somewhat.  And don't forget about Cousin Hank who has a bit of experience under his belt too!

So far all Scout has been doing is sleeping (not always at night when he's supposed to), pottying, chewing on everything in sight, and taking nibbles where they aren't always welcome.  Cousin A really wants to play with Scout but has grown weary of being a chew toy.  He's even started wearing his rain/snow boots around the house to protect his feet and legs!  Those tiny jaws and nails can be super sharp!

Scout might also be torturing his big sister Maggie just a little bit.  Scout wants to play and Maggie just wants to be left alone.  Mommy says if my big brother Hunter were here, he could totally relate to Maggie.  I'm not sure why she says that . . . I'm sure Scout just wants to be in on the action or wherever Maggie is.  Uncle J said Maggie must have been sleeping HARD in order to ignore the nearness of Scout in this first picture.

Maggie graciously allows Scout to come near her in this next picture, but she's stressed about it.  The poor girl already has enough anxiety issues . . . 

Scout is probably just missing his littermates and wants to be near other warm, fuzzy creatures.  I loved cuddling up to Hunter when I first moved in!  I don't think the feeling was mutual.

Recently Aunt K heard a lot of grunting coming from Scout and went to investigate . . . Scout was pulling Maggie's bed around!  This is probably a good sign as far as hunting goes since Scout will have to move some pretty big geese around the field for Uncle J!

Don't you just love a puppy belly?  It's just begging to be rubbed!

Not only does Scout like his big sister's bed, but he likes to sleep under the sofa!  Mommy says Hunter used to do that too when he was a puppy.  I'm sure there will come a day when Scout won't fit under there . . . probably sooner than later!

I personally can't wait to hear more about the adventures of Scout.  I hope Jenna and I can meet him soon, but I have the feeling that might be a while.  Mommy says if you put us together we might get a reputation as the Three Musketeers!  I see nothing wrong with that, do you?


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