Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Perfect Breakfast

What do you like to eat for breakfast?  As a dawg, I usually eat the same thing I eat for dinner and breakfast, and dinner and breakfast, and well you get the picture.  Mommy LOVES breakfast foods such as pancakes and french toast, but she rarely fixes them for herself.  She does eat breakfast, but it's usually something quick and easy.

Recently she remembered that the town we are now calling home has a KRISPY KREME!!!!  She knew it deep down in the back of her mind, but she was pretty sure they didn't have anything wheat free on their menu.  She decided to throw caution to the wind and head out early one weekend morning while the HOT NOW sign was on!  Not only would she have a quick and easy breakfast but it would be delicious as well!

The best part?  I got to go with her!  I'm not sure what made Mommy decided to take a dawg along for the ride, but if anyone was going to go, it couldn't be Jenna!  There's no way that girl could have kept her paws much less her jaws off the doughnuts long enough for them to make it home.

I took my job very seriously and kept an eye out for anyone who might be a potential threat to Mommy's breakfast happiness.

We made it home safely, made coffee, and started enjoying those perfectly glazed specimens of baked supremacy.

Jenna was a bit put out that she wasn't invited to go along, but after splitting a doughnut with me, she forgave us both.

YUMMY!  Seriously yummy!

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