Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Many of you have probably already finished your spring cleaning, but Mommy always waits until her spring break.  She doesn't feel the need to waste her weekends doing chores she doesn't want to do in the first place!  During the first part of her break (you know, the days before that Mother-Daughter Weekend we were left out of), she got down to business on the floors.  She polished the hardwood floors in the living room and foyer.   She scrubbed the white tile and grout in the kitchen on her hands and knees.  That's really the only way to get them truly clean.  What idiot chose those colors for a kitchen floor?  One who wasn't going to stick around until fifteen years later to see the results of their decision making process!  Or one who wasn't planning to have three dawgs track through there every day!!  Mommy also pulled out the steam cleaner and cleaned the carpets.  She had been meaning to do this for a while (since before Christmas), but one thing or another kept her from doing the dirty deed.  Thankfully, we finally have clean floors to pad around on, but they come at a price . . .

In order to achieve clean floors, apparently we girls have to stay in our crates!!!  Hunter, on the other hand, is allowed to roam freely around the house.  That boy hasn't seen the interior (or even the exterior) of his crate in eight years!  Hunter's crate is stored in the basement and he has always HATED it!  Don't tell anyone, but we secretly LOVE our crates!  Really, we do!  We love to sleep and relax in the comfort of our own space.  That is, until we hear the key turn in the lock.  Well, it's not actually a key but you get the picture.  It's a tiny bit depressing watching Hunter and Mommy parade around the house while we're stuck in the comfort of our crates.  [sigh]  Oh well.

We guess it's worth it for Mommy to enjoy her clean floors . . . which lasts about thirty seconds!
Dixie and Jenna

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  1. Be nice to your mommy and try to keep those floors clean for her!


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