Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More Peas, Please!

A couple months ago, Mommy went pea pickin' with a new friend.  She had never picked black eyed peas before.

Daddy sent a five gallon bucket with Mommy hoping for a big haul.  Mommy underestimated the number of peas the actual pods were going to yield and chose not to fill the bucket.  She picked about five pounds of peas thinking that would be enough . . .

When Mommy got home, she learned from the Master how to shell the peas.  Apparently Daddy spent MANY hours as a boy doing this exact task.

Jenna took careful notes during the entire process.  She is a very attentive listener and quick learner when food is involved.

Daddy tried to turn the process into a race between him and Mommy.  Mommy dropped her peas directly into the water to wash.  Daddy placed his in a colander.

We both closely watched this very intense race and tried to catch the shells as they were dropped into the bucket.  

Guess who won?  Not only did Daddy finish shelling his half first, but he also shelled a half cup more than Mommy!

When it was all said and bagged, there weren't nearly as many servings of black eyed peas as Mommy had envisioned.  All Daddy would say, besides "I won!" was "I told you so!"  Next time, Mommy will fill the bucket!


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