Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where's My Bed?

Something is going on at our house, but I'm not sure what it is.  At the beginning of April, Mommy moved our crates into the garage for two weeks.  It was HORRIBLE!!  It was COLD and DARK out there.  Mommy did feel sorry for us; she put our blankets in the dryer before leaving for work so that we'd have a bit of warmth until the sun came up.  She also covered our crates with blankets to help with the draftiness.   This new location had both me and Dixie totally confused.  We couldn't tell which crate was which!

I will not be able to get those two weeks of my already short life back!  Mimi said for once we were actually treated like dawgs, but doesn't she realize that's NOT how we expect to be treated?!?!?!?

Have no fear, we didn't have to sleep in the garage at night.  I guess we weren't treated THAT badly!  [whew]  You need to understand we LOVE our crates.  We sleep in them all the time even without the doors closed.  I tried and tried to find a comfy position on the carpet in the evenings before the official bed time, but to no avail.  Instead, I just went upstairs and made myself at home on my parents' bed.

Dixie didn't suffer the way I did.  She's made Hunter's orthopedic bed her own in the last few months.

Our crates are now back in the den, but not quite the way they used to be.  Mommy had moved an end table into place in the absence of our crates and now she won't move it.   Apparently the end table was in place before I joined the family.  Personally, I think it needs to GO AWAY, but Mommy feels differently and she's in charge of the decor.  Dixie's crate is back in its original place, but mine had to find a new home.

I am NOT happy with this new position.  Mommy doesn't understand why.  She says I still have the best view.  I just can't seem to remember this new crate position.  When Mommy gives me the command to go to my crate, I immediately run to its former location.  It's a wonder I haven't run into the end table!  Then I try to run to Dixie's crate, but she's already in there giving me the evil eye.  I can't seem to manage finding my way to my crate until Mommy shows me the way!  It's very frustrating.  [sigh]

Lost in my house,

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