Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Road Trip Without Us

During Mommy's spring break, Mommy and Daddy took a road trip to Texas.  They had a pretty good time driving and driving and driving.  We aren't sure why they didn't take us with them.  Lately we take only road trips to the kennel.  Mommy said not to worry that we would be going on the next road trip with them.  Yeehaw!

As is usual for her, Mommy took LOTS of pictures along the way!

Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a fabulous Easter brunch in Texas.  It's a bit weird for them to eat out on a major holiday, but they both thought it was money well spent (if you have to eat out on a major holiday!).  Lucky for Mommy, the Easter bunny found her even on the road.

While on this adventure through Texas, Mommy noted the terrain changed several times.

Mommy also enjoyed checking out prairie dogs up close and personal.  Do you think they might like to have their name spelled "prairie dawgs"?

Until next time,
Dixie and Jenna
Cowdawgs in Training

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