Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday to Us!

Today's our birthday!!!!  We are SIX this year.  That's FORTY-TWO in dawg years which means we've officially caught up to Mommy (for a few months anyway)!  Boy, do we feel old!  The good news is that only one of us looks old.



We had fun playing outside with our favorite toys.  Jenna chased the frisbee and Dixie had the ever-present tennis ball with her.  One of us was more cooperative than the other during picture time.  We'll let you decide who that was.  Hint:  It's the dawg with the most pictures!

Happy Birthday to Us!

PS: We celebrate our big day with Princess Charlotte of Cambridge . . . a coincidence?  We think not.  From a couple of princesses to another . . . happy birthday!

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