Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here's Your Sign!

As you know, Mommy LOVES to take pictures of anything and everything.  She has even been known to take pictures of street signs.  When our parents are on vacation and she sees a really neat sign, Daddy will turn the car around and go back just so Mommy can snap that photo.  Isn’t that super sweet of him?   (Remember one of his mottoes is "Happy Wife, Happy Life!")

Mommy will also take pictures of bumper stickers she spies on the road or in parking lots.  On a recent outing with friends, she saw this magnet stuck to a car and just had to capture the moment.

She immediately texted the picture to Daddy so they could both enjoy a laugh.  The same car also sported this magnet:

We’re all pretty sure this won’t be true for us, but it's still funny.  Of course there are famous, wealthy (insane?) people who have actually left their millions to their dawgs, but we don’t think our parents fall into that category.   You can figure out which category we refer to for yourself!

Have you seen any funny signs lately?  
Dixie and Jenna

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