Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Flying Squirrel

Do you know what a Flying Squirrel is?  Have you ever seen one?  I'm not talking about this . . .

Or this . . . 

I'm not even talking about this!  Although some of you may think of this type of flying squirrel when you hear those words.  This is the image Mommy used to think of when hearing those words BD (Before Dawgs).  There were a few instances when a flying squirrel got into her house while she was growing up that caused a bit of chaos.  

At our house, THIS is a Flying Squirrel:

This is my FAVORITE toy to play with (currently) and it's made by the same company that makes the Chuckit that throws Dixie's favorite toys!  The Flying Squirrel was also Hunter's favorite toy.  Mommy says she's purchased at least a half dozen of these over the past thirteen years.  They have the ability to last a while, but they don't always stand up to a really good game of tug-of-war (full disclosure in case you were thinking of getting one for yourself!).  

These pictures were taken before I was part of the family.  Had I been around, I'm SURE I would have been the winner of this game.  But maybe not --- Hunter was a fierce competitor when it came to his favorite toy!

The Flying Squirrel provides maximum aerobic exercise for me.  And acrobatic exercise!

This is what the Flying Squirrel looks like when Mommy gets it stuck in a tree . . . you know, like a REAL flying squirrel!

I would definitely recommend you try a Flying Squirrel for yourself.  It's sure to help you get your body beach ready!  And as the resident Supermodel, I would know! [wink, wink]


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