Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sleeping Beauty

About a year ago, I showed you my new bed cover.  I  have tried REALLY hard to take care of it and not tear it up, but it's such a hard job.  At first Mommy stitched my little rips and you couldn't even tell where I had torn the bed cover, but eventually she had to start patching just like the last time.  Mommy says the worst part isn't really that I'm tearing up the cover, but that I'm tearing up the BED!

I honestly can't help it!  What's a girl to do when she's cooped up in her crate for several hours a day??  I need to make myself comfy.

So Mommy did what she always does.  She repaired my holes.  She told me it wasn't gong to be pretty this time.  She said she really didn't care where the patches went so long as they covered the holes I had made . . .

I can feel Mommy's disappointment in me when she's ironing the new patches on.

Here's Miss Goody Two Paws supervising my cover being put back on.  She thinks she's oh-so-wonderful since she doesn't tear holes in her bed cover.

Here it is!  Back in place and ready for another snooze.  As promised, it's NOT pretty, but it is functional.  Hopefully these patches will last a while.

 Yes, Jenna's bed looks prettier than mine . . .

But we all know who the pretty DAWG is . . .

Lots of love to you,
Sleeping Beauty
aka Dixie

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