Sunday, March 29, 2015

Watching Duck Dynasty

Are you a fan of the show Duck Dynasty?  Daddy LOVES everything about it; it's right up his alley!  He watches every episode several times and laughs just as hard the tenth time as he did the first time.  On a recent trip to the pet store, our parents came across Duck Dynasty stuffed animals!  Mommy had found these before, but refrained from buying them.

With Daddy on the scene, they were sure to make it home to us!  The only problem was deciding which ones to take home.  Mommy was fine until she saw the price tag.  Stuffed animals usually turn into several pieces at our house, so she wanted to spend as little as possible.  Because Mommy was so cheap, only TWO ducks made it home.  Doesn't that seem strange since there are THREE DAWGS in our house???

For those in the know, that's Jase on the left and Si on the right.  
Can you see the beards hiding out under those duck bills?

Mommy says she envisioned the ducks would belong to me and Jenna since Hunter really isn't interested in stuffed toys at his age.  In reality, those ducks became glued to the jaws of Hunter and Jenna and I was left with NOTHING!!!!!  NOTHING, I tell you!  Mommy brought out a brand new squeaky tennis ball for me, but it wasn't quite the same thing.

There was a tag on the ducks that said they were tough, but only time will tell!  We've had plenty of toys that said something similar, and they were toast within a few hours.  I say it serves my parents right if those ducks take a nose dive soon!  How could they leave me out?

My siblings had LOADS of fun playing with their new toys . . . 

I watched . . .

I guess I'll just have to tune in to the next television episode for my own Duck Dynasty!  [sigh]

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