Saturday, March 7, 2015

Visit to the Vet

I went back to the vet last weekend.  I was having some difficulties moving around.  I think my arthritis (probably due to two ACL surgeries and general old age) was to blame.   It was so bad, Mommy made an appointment on Saturday so Daddy could tag along and help me in and out of the car.

Since the new owners of our veterinarian office took over last August, it seems there is something new to see every time I'm there.  This week we noticed an "a-dawg-able" glove holder!!!  If Mommy taught elementary school, she might have to have one of these in her classroom to help her clean runny noses and all sorts of other messes those little monsters get into (and she mans that in the nicest possible way).  I don't really think elementary teachers use gloves on a daily basis, but Mommy might have to in that situation.

I was a good boy at the vet.  Mommy said I was even better than usual, and she's sure it was because of Daddy's presence.  He does have a calming influence on me (after all, he's the alpha male around here!).  I tried my best to listen at the door to hear what the vet was saying.  I'm sure she was talking about how handsome I am.  Seriously, how could she not?

Mommy and Daddy met a new vet today.  I met Dr. Clark back in September when she removed the growth in my mouth.  Mommy spoke to her on the phone then (both using their Southern accents) but not face-to-face.  I think all three of us were pleased to have Dr. Clark check me out today.  She is a graduate of the vet school at UGA and that makes all of us happy!  She also gave me two new medicines to try out for pain relief.  So far, they seem to be working well.

I did have a moment of slight stress when I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about me being their first born.  Gee, no pressure there!  Mommy made me feel better by snuggling me and whispering sweet words of encouragements in my ears.  Lately, she's also been praying in my ears . . .

All in all, it was a successful visit to the vet!  Here's to successful meds as well!

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