Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blurred Lines

Mommy used to be a great housekeeper.  Until she added three dawgs.  She was still a good housekeeper when there was only one dawg because for some reason I don't shed as much as my sisters.  Since the addition of two other dawgs, her housekeeping abilities have steadily gone down hill.  Case in point: the sliding glass door leading to the deck!

This door constantly stays slobbery.  We stand there waiting to go out.  We stand waiting to come in.  We bark and make our presence known and the slobber flies in all directions.  Jenna employs a different tactic which Dixie and I do not have in our arsenal and that is her vertical leap.  When Jenna jumps, the slobber travels about four feet higher!

Our door is even nastier in the winter.  Some of our Southern friends may not know this (because you don't really need to think about it where you live), but you can't clean windows and glass doors when it's below freezing!  Mommy learned this the hard way when we lived in Minnesota.  (She must have been absent the day this basic principle was taught in physical science class.)  She needed to clean marks left by the Christmas wreath on our metal front door, so she did what she would normally do and got out the orange spray cleaner . . . DUMB-DE-DUMB-DUMB!  She was left with frozen drops of orange spray cleaner all over the front door!  Needless to say, the wreath went back up.  There is a reason Yankees and Mid-Westerners keep their holiday decorations up for longer than is prudent in the South . . . THEY HAVE TO!

Because we are so messy with our tongues, Mommy doesn't clean the sliding door as often as she should.  As soon as she finishes (and sometimes while she's in mid-clean), we just throw a few more drops up there!

In the winter, she can use the temperature as an excuse, but what's her excuse for the rest of the year?  Hmmmm . . . .

PS: I must have made Mommy feel guilty, because before I finished typing she ran down to take care of the door.  Or possibly to take advantage of our temps over freezing.  I think it was the guilt!  Either way, Dixie looks much better don't you think?  At least for the time being . . .

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