Monday, March 2, 2015

How Cold is It?

Mommy and Poppa have a morning competition in the winter.  They call each other to compare the temperature.  Most of the time our temps beat out Poppa's but not all the time.  It's too bad they didn't have this competition when we lived in Minnesota.  We would have beaten Poppa EVERY morning paws down!  I think the hour time difference may have been the reason they didn't call each other early during those three years.  That and the fact that Poppa was still working then.  He's living the laid back retired life now, so Mommy feels the need to jump start his day with an early morning phone call!  I'm sure Poppa appreciates knowing that Mommy is thinking about him so early in the day.

Last week the temperature was going to be so low that school was called off!  As you can imagine, Mommy was THRILLED!!!!!  So were we.  That we could enjoy having Mommy home and could play in the snow.  Since Mommy lived in Minnesota, she has plenty of clothes which allow her to go outside and play with us in those frigid temps and not suffer for a moment.  My sisters and I just wear our fur coats.

Besides playing in the snow, can you tell what else Mommy did on her day off?  (And I'm not referring to the usual round of torture involved with selfies!)

So, how cold is it where YOU are?

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