Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fetching Spring

As spring begins to creep in around here, Mommy has to find creative ways for us to burn off some energy on rainy days and muddy days.  Mommy usually doesn't really get into the spirit of spring until around our birthdays in May.  The reason: MUDDY PAWS and MUDDY FLOORS!  She does NOT like this in-between season where the temps are trying to become warmer, the snow is still melting, the rainy season begins, and the yard is a soggy mess.  No matter how much grass we have growing, we still manage to collect gobs of mud on our under carriages.

The solution:  the upstairs hallway!  Mommy sits at one end and opens up the master closet (aka The Bowling Alley) on the other end.  We can run and run and then run into each other!  We really enjoy this play time and Mommy enjoys not having to clean us up afterwards.  Hunter isn't as much of a fan of these sessions.  He sometimes gets in the way and is almost knocked over by one of us running back and forth.

Dixie naturally plays with tennis balls.  Sometimes I have a tennis ball and sometimes I choose a different toy.  I have come to the slow realization that if I don't choose something else, Dixie will steal my tennis ball and the game will be over because she won't turn over either of them to Mommy.

Recently I chose one of our new Duck Commander toys (yes, they are still alive and well).  We had so much fun playing indoor fetch.

Dixie won't actually had over the ball to Mommy.  (Me, I put the toy wherever I'm asked!  I'm such a well-trained dawg.)  Instead, Dixie drops the ball and rolls it with her nose in the direction of Mommy!

Mommy loves this picture of our feet!  We're lining up on the runway to FUN!

Mommy can always tell when we've had enough playtime.  Dixie lies down nearby and I run out of sight with my toy.

I hope you're enjoying spring as much as we are!

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