Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Equal Representation??

Several years ago, Mimi gave our parents a lovely needlepoint pillow of a chocolate lab for the man room.  They were happy to have it, and it has been sitting out for everyone to enjoy since then.

Recently Mommy brought home a black lab pillow.  When she purchased the pillow, the sales clerk asked if Mommy had a black lab.  Mommy explained that we already had a chocolate lab pillow and she thought the black labs in the family needed equal representation.  She's seen several black lab pillows over the years, but none of them have looked like either me or Jenna.  Just because an item has a chocolate or black lab on it doesn't mean it makes it into our house.  It has to actually look like one of us.  Mommy thought this pillow looked Jenna.  What do you think?

I think it's a fairly good likeness of her.  There's only one problem . . . where's the pillow that looks like me???

Seeking equal representation, 

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