Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Sweet Spot

We've talked about our favorite spots before, but this winter I discovered a new sweet spot . . .

Daddy LOVES to start building fires in the fireplace as soon as the temperature starts dropping in the fall!  All of us enjoy the crackling sound of the fire in the evenings.  I think the only one who doesn't care for a fire every evening is Mommy.  Somehow Mommy ends up being the one to bring in the firewood.  Daddy doesn't like going out in the cold and snow to gather it.  There's something wrong with that picture, but I just can't quite put my paw on it . . . Anyway, Daddy loves to build fires and I'm grateful.  I enjoy staring at the fire and snoozing on the bed there.  Hopefully, the temps will stay cool enough that Daddy will continue to build me fires for a few more weeks.

If you need me, just look in front of the fireplace!

PS: The temps are definitely still a bit on the cool side . . . this was us YESTERDAY!  Happy First Day of Spring to us!

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