Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still Hoping . . .

Although February is pretty much over, Mommy is still hoping against hope that she will have another snow day this school year.  Some people grow weary of winter (like Daddy), but not Mommy!  She can never have too much snow.  The weather experts predicted just as BIG a winter this year as we had last year, but that's only becoming a reality for those who live in New England!  There's a chance Mommy might not like the snow as much if she lived there and had to go to school until the end of June.  We did enjoy having Mommy home for a couple days, but we would certainly welcome more!

Mommy still has her snow decorations up just in case.  She hangs her silver snowflakes on the chandeliers in the kitchen and dining room.  I guess they'll stay in place until March officially arrives.

She still has winter decorations in the powder room too!

And in other places in the house . . . Dixie doesn't count as a decoration, but she's still a cutie isn't she?

Of course, there's always the chance a snow storm could arrive in March too! Crossing our paws . . .

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