Monday, February 2, 2015

Thief in the Night

The night before our "blizzard" arrived, Daddy built a fire in the fireplace.  As soon as he finished building the fire and it really started roaring, the power went out.  The power in this house goes out pretty regularly when we have any kind of storm (anything from rain to a hurricane and everything in between!).  Daddy immediately went to the garage to start up the generator.  He can't stand the thoughts of being without power, so we've had a generator since two hurricanes ago.

In the mean time, Mommy just relaxed in the dark with only the firelight.  She didn't even make a move to find a flashlight.  But someone else made a move . . . 

(That's me blocking Mommy's view of the fireplace!)

Mommy could tell one of the girls was sniffing around the coffee table, but had no idea what might be of interest there.  Suddenly Dixie grabbed something and ran to her crate.  Mommy heard the smacking of jaws and decided she needed to investigate.  She used the flashlight app on her phone to see that there were two Hershey's miniatures on the coffee table that Daddy must have been planning to snack on.  She was terribly worried that Dixie had eaten a mini chocolate bar, but it wasn't really Dixie's style to eat the wrapper (we weren't talking about Jenna, after all!).  

Mommy was still thinking about it when Daddy returned to the scene of the crime.  He noticed his snack was gone and asked Mommy if she had eaten his cookies.  That's when the truth came out.  Dixie hadn't eaten a chocolate bar; she had helped herself to GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!  The peanut butter pattie kind.  You know, peanut butter on a cookie covered in CHOCOLATE!!!

Did you know these are called Tagalongs in some parts of the country??

We're assuming Dixie didn't eat enough chocolate to hurt her, and so far so good.  She said they were yummy.  I guess Jenna and I will never know because security has tightened up around here since the incident.  Girl Scout cookies are apparently a big deal.  Mommy never fails to tell us each and every year that she was the top cookie seller for two years in a row when she was younger . . . much younger!  I'm sure Grandma would remind Mommy the honors are due in part to her and Poppa taking the sales form to work!  Just a minor technicality there, Mommy!  

Kudos to Dixie for her bravery and ingenuity in the absence of electricty!

PS: The power was only out for forty-five minutes!

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