Sunday, February 22, 2015

Whole Latte Mischief

Recently I told you about my sister Dixie getting into the Girl Scout cookies.  Today, I'm back to my usual food subject, Jenna.  Mommy likes to relax in bed with a good book and a cup of coffee early on Saturday mornings.  Dixie and Jenna like to join her when they can.  Mommy got out of bed to tend to me when she heard a lapping sound.  She is nice enough to keep a bowl of water upstairs for her four-legged children, but knew the sound wasn't coming from that direction . . .

Suddenly Mommy remembered her delicious cup of coffee on the nightstand.  Jenna was lapping up all of that goodness!  Mommy screeched and ran over to the scene of the crime.  There was coffee splattered EVERYWHERE!  It was on the book, the nightstand, the bed sheets, the pillows, EVERYWHERE!

You should know Jenna is the messiest of the three of us.  We have to keep a beach towel on the floor in front of the kitchen water bowl to catch all of her spills.  Mommy does not like "the look" of this towel, but she really has no choice.  The mats sold by pet stores for water bowls are no where near big enough for Jenna's mess.  Even with this precaution, there have a been a few times when Mommy and Daddy have slipped on the water and taken their own spills!

Several hours later, when Mommy was dusting down the hall she heard the lapping noise a second time.  She ran into the bedroom to see Jenna at it once again.  (Why didn't Mommy remove the mug after the first incident??  There's no telling what goes on in the minds of the females in this house!)  Mommy ran into the bedroom to see Jenna standing on the bed again and the mug was literally standing on its edge as Jenna used her tongue to clean out the last drops of coffee.  Mommy froze and for a split second, she actually considered looking for the camera to see if she could capture this image.  Then sanity took back over and she grabbed the cup from Jenna's jowls!

It's a good thing Mommy has a whole latte love for not only her coffee, but for Jenna as well!

PS: You may notice those tissues are looking a little bedraggled.  Jenna was snacking on those too!  Apparently the morning paper goes well with coffee!  I could have told her that!

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