Friday, February 6, 2015

PBP Anyone?

Have you ever had a PBP?  No, that's not a typo.  I'm not talking about a PBJ sandwich.  I'm talking about a Peanut Butter and Pill sandwich.  This wonderful concoction is a brainstorm of Daddy's intelligent mind . . . 

Mommy has been worried about my health for a while, so she took me to the vet for a check up.  We decided not to do anything about the growth in my mouth since it's still not hindering my eating habits (thankfully).  We also decided to try more steroids and painkillers for my hip and back discomfort.  Mommy and I came home from the vet with an arsenal of pills.  The dosage is so complicated Mommy had to make a post-it note and schedule for each pill just so she wouldn't get confused about when to give me medicine.  The real problem was that Mommy took me to the vet one day and left town the next!

Daddy took over parenting duties for the MLK holiday weekend while Mommy met Grandma and Poppa in Williamsburg.  Mommy had a great time, and so did I thanks to Daddy's ingenuity.  Mommy was a bit worried about Daddy having to give me all of those meds.  She left him specific instructions for how she usually gives me pills.  But being the man he is, Daddy totally ignored those instructions and devised a better way!  

Daddy created the PBP: Peanut Butter and Pill Sandwich!!!  If you haven't tried to take your medicine this way, I highly recommend it!  Seriously YUMMY!!!  My Daddy is so smart!  Only he would think of such a great way of giving me my meds.  This is so much better than a pill pocket or just covering the pills in a tiny bit of peanut butter like Mommy does. 

Mommy liked Daddy's idea so well, she continued it upon her return.  I've been enjoying PBPs all week!

Way to go Daddy!  (And Mommy doubted you . . . )

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