Tuesday, February 17, 2015

At Last!

Cue the music.  Can you hear Etta James singing "At Last"?  My love has indeed come along and it's in the form of SNOW!!!!

We finally have a snow day worth mentioning.  (Does 3-5 inches count?)  It comes on the heels of President's Day, so Mommy will be able to enjoy two days off in a row!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Well, she actually cleaned and worked on school stuff yesterday, but at least she was home.  Today, we actually went outside and PLAYED!!!

Our most recent snow experience started Saturday night while Mommy and Daddy were eating out to celebrate V-Day.  It was a beautiful snow, but Mommy said it came down fast and stuck to the roads.  The fifty mile per hour winds did NOT help and it was almost whiteout conditions on the way home.  Add the temperature in the single digits and sub-zero wind chill and it was like I was back in Minne-SNOW-ta!  All of this did not bother me since I was born and bred there.  My parents have started calling me Boney Maroney since I am so skinny, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying a good snow.

More snow began falling late last night.  We started making trails this morning at 6AM.  You can see mine on the left and Jenna's on the right.  Dixie never goes out first thing; she waits until after breakfast.

We went out to play with Mommy an hour or so later.  Dixie took a tennis ball (naturally) and Jenna took a new throwing toy she has.  She has almost ripped her old toy into two pieces and it doesn't go very far with all of its holes.

No one took a toy for me, so I had to help myself!  Jenna wasn't happy and her new toy ended up with a few holes in it.

We had fun playing in the snow and getting snow faced!  Dixie was the only one who didn't lose control.  She was too busy searching for her tennis ball which became lost in the snow.

I continued to sing my heart out over the excitement of the snow!

I ended the morning with Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off!"

We then came back inside to see Daddy off to work.  He maintains people with "real" jobs still have to go to work on days like this.  If that's truly the case, then I'll vote for Mommy's "fake" job any day!  Or maybe she's just a better negotiator . . . no snow days, summers, nights, or weekends . . . who's keeping it real now, Daddy??

Here's to snow days and breaks from "fake" jobs!

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