Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feeding the "Pigeons"

On our "snow" day a few weeks ago, Neighbor Mike came over to say hello.  He brought his dawg Buster (a long time friend of Hunter) and his fairly new dawg Homer.  We had lots of fun together and probably could have continued to play for a while, but our humans grew cold.

Mike always carries treats in his pockets (just one of the reasons we love having him over), and he was feeling especially generous that day.  He shared LOTS of treats with us.  Mommy said it looked like he was feeding the pigeons since we flocked around him.

Usually Jenna is the one who hounds Mike for treats, but Jenna was too busy playing Keep the Frisbee Away from Homer.  Homer preferred playing Tug-of-War.

Buster is only a month older than Hunter.  He spent his time eating snow, just like Hunter does.  They are both pretty much at the same stage in life . . . old men!

Maybe we'll have another snow day soon and Neighbor Mike can come over to play again.  Or maybe Mike can just come over to share treats with us "just because" . . . just an idea!

Anxiously awaiting,

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