Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where in the World is Dixie?

Do you remember Where's Waldo?  You had to search and search for his tiny little figure hiding in all kinds of situations?  Well, I'm in the process of searching and searching for my name on a Coke bottle.  I already know it doesn't exist, but that's not stopping me from searching.  I know it's not one of the two hundred and fifty names on the bottles found in stores right now, because I've searched here to find it.  Coke says to look on the bright side that I must have a unique name.  Apparently Daddy does too!

Life is so unfair sometimes!  Mommy has shared a Diet Coke with Jenna and now with Hunter.  It's only a matter of time before she shares one with herself.  So where's DIXIE??? 

Have you seen some of the names on those bottles?  Really?  There can't be a  DIXIE?!?!?!  If I could design my own label, it would say Doodle Bug (one of Mommy's favorite names for me).  I guess I'm going to just have settle for being Mommy's BFF or Buddy.

Disgruntled drinker,  [sigh]

PS: Happy birthday to Grandma and Cousin C! I wonder if their names are on a can or bottle somewhere???  I would think Grandma would be . . . there are A LOT of Grandmas in the world, right?

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