Thursday, August 14, 2014

On the Road Again

Once again, I was the Chosen One who got to travel with Mommy to see her family.  Technically, Daddy wanted to send Hunter, but he's just simply too old to make the trek.  (This happens to be the same reason Daddy wanted Hunter to go; Hunter slows down Daddy's morning routine!)  I got to go by default; Daddy doesn't want to give up a week with "his girl" Jenna.  That's fine by me.  As Mommy's girl, I was thrilled to go along.  I am such a good travel buddy for her.  I sleep and sleep, and hardly ever need to potty.

My only downfall is that once we arrive, I am immediately ready to go again!  I hop out of the car for a second, but hop right back in.  Poppa and Mommy both tried to coax me out of the car, but I really like riding.  Mommy finally had to put me on the leash and give me a tiny tug to coerce me to come out.

By the time the week was over, I was ready to go home.  I love being with Grandma and Poppa, but there's no place like home.  As soon as the car doors opened, I was in and ready.  I sat in the car for about thirty minutes while Mommy went back and forth loading up all of her stuff (I believe she even forgot about me for a while).   She loaded up the car the night before, so I had to be forced out again.  I really think it would have been nice to spend the night in the car, but Mommy thought differently.  As soon as I had a chance the next morning, I was in my seat and ready!

It's a LONG ride.  Mommy should really buy a plane ticket next time.  On second thought, maybe not . . . unless she buys one for me too!

Travel Companion for Hire (payment accepted in the form of treats or tennis balls),

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