Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Death Nail?

The title of this post has two meanings.  First, can you hear it?  The door to Summer 2014 is starting to creak as it swings shut and pretty soon the death nail will be in it.  Yes, technically, there is still another month and a half of summer on the calendar, but for Mommy that time is VERY quickly drawing to a close.  Can you hear Mommy?  She's whining in the background as I type this!  She might start crying soon . . . I think she's already hoping for a few snow days!

The other meaning of this post is the potential fate of my dewclaw.  Last Sunday I somehow caught that same paw in the door to the laundry room and was in serious pain for a long while (maybe a few seconds).  My dewclaw was bleeding a bit and Mommy panicked.  She wrapped it up and brought out the cone so I wouldn't touch it.  I am NOT a fan of the cone!  In addition to having to wear the cone, Mommy placed me in my crate!  She then left town for three days!  I thought she was a kind and caring Mommy.  I was wrong.  

Dixie thought she should grab hold of the cone and try to play with it . . . not a good idea!

To try to make me feel better, she and I shared a Diet Coke long distance while she was gone.  FYI Mommy: your efforts did NOT make me feel better!  Thank goodness Daddy was here to love on me.  

I had to go to the vet Thursday to have my dewclaw looked at again.  It hasn't totally healed, but it's doing okay. I can officially run around like a maniac without returning with a limp, but I still don't want anyone messing with it!  That includes Mommy, Daddy, and the many people at the vet's office who feel the need to get up close and personal with my nail!  I had it glued again and so far the outcome looks positive. 

The new vet said Mommy should bring me by for a happy visit sometime.  I was pretty depressed on the way over there knowing that a bit of pain was in my future.  Not only did they check my nail situation, but they took my temperature you know where, emptied my anal glands, and stuck me about four times for vaccinations!  AAGH!!!!!!!  It was a miserable time, but I was a good girl.  They gave me a few treats for my trouble. They also gave me a "plum bum" (their words, not mine).  When they finished with my hiney, they sprayed a deodorizer down there that smells like plums.  Lucky me.

I guess until my dewclaw fully mends, I'll just take it easy and rest up.  Mommy says it's good to keep injuries elevated.  Does that count for nail trouble too?

Gotta go nail down our final weeks of summer!  (Get it??)

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